Juan Carlos Townsend

Arturo Laime is an artist who understands his creative work as a mission to touch souls, reconnecting people with the world and helping to restore the balance with nature. Arturo Laime built with his brushes, his mind, and his hands a path full of life and color that invites us not only to recreate the view but to rediscover the best and the most human of us.

Juan Carlos TownsendPsychotherapist
Oliver Baeck

I’m the proud owner of one of Arturo’s wonderful works: Yunuyacu’s Forest. I fell in love with the lively colors and the rich texture of the painting. What really opened my eyes about Arturo’s mission was our discussion on how to translate the name of the painting into German. I suggested the word “Dschungel” (jungle), but he said: “No. Where I come from, that’s a forest” – that made me understand that what I consider an exotic location is home to others.

Oliver BaeckHR Manager